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Welcome to YSI Rotterdam

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The SLOVAKIA project


This Project in Slovakia was wonderful! First of all I want to say something about the car ride from Holland to Slovakia.
When I think about it you can see on my face a huge smile =). Was really really nice! We went through Germany, Austria and finally we arrived to our destination…Slovakia. The trip itself wasn’t so exciting or unbelievable….just a normal ride without music because our cd player broke and the radio wasn’t working all the time (terrible) but the nice thing of this adventure was to see and discover all the differences between the countries. I love travelling! I know that doesn’t sound so great…to understand you must try it! After all you will agree with me.
What about the project? We have been in two different enviroments in Slovakia, for one day we worked in an orphanage and the other days in a school. Two worlds at the opposites, obviously, I enjoyed most the school…to relate to kids there. Even if in the orphanage was interesting to see the kids and their behaviours.
We gave a small presentation about our last international project in ghana, I have to say that was really good, at least for me, to relive the lovely moments that we had in Ghana and to keep alive the memories in our head!
The last think that I want to say is that I want to thank the team and the people in Slovakia…thanks to internet!!! Ah ah in this way I can stay in contact with my new friends from Slovakia!!! NICE^^
I forgot to say that in Slovakia there is a lot of nature and the sussets were unforgettable and…as I said before you must go once there ah ah ah.
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Face painting at Speeltuin

Well for this time as a Team we decided to be active at the nearby Speeltuin Alibaba. It was on Saturday the 29th of May.
Usually I volunteer there and I thought we could do a little project there with the Team, so we actually had some activities planned. It turned out though that on this morning not so many kids turned up.  After a while we started to do the face painting and all of a sudden more and more kids found great interest in joining us.
The Kids had a little book in which they could choose what they like to have as a face painting option.

Well, but not enough with that. Later on the kids could also test their art skills on our faces and hands.  I got the colors of the Dutch flag on my face, so I felt like a crazy football fan afterwards. Nevertheless we had time to play with the kids afterwards and I can say they do find interest in older people playing with them.
I think we had a lucky time with the weather and fun doing face painting.

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A weekend in Germany

From the 22th untill the 24th of June some YSIer went to Germany, our neighbour country! Yeahhh^^
So if now you know when and where, I’m gonna tell you why…Ok to be short we had two different activities in two different places.
The first activity was held in Camber, we gave a presentation about our Project in Ghana to youth between 19 and 25 years of age.
What else I can say about this activity? You can immagine by yourself…it was just a normal presentation with pictures…and you know stuff to say…
The second one was in Dusseldorf, but this time with young guys between the age of 13 and 18. Young people!!! Young people!!!
Anyway basicly in the morning we had a small sharing where we had the possibility to get to know each other better and share a few things.
For lunch we had a homemade pizza! Each of us had to prepare their pizza and after: “Eat it!” It was delicious! It’s always more satisfying to eat something that you made by yourself…has a different taste^^ don’t you think? I do! Ah ah ah.

After this delicious pause we organized some games to let them think about important “values” as Teamwork, how to take Ownership and having fun at the same time!!! Cool&funny.

The weather was beautiful, sunny sunny sunny and warm, a tipical spring day and as you know what’s better than eating an ice cream in a sunny day? Nothing…so as expected we enjoyed an italian ice cream to end the day happily! Very nice!



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Serving Rotterdam

Every year during “Hemelvaart” (Ascension Day) the citizens of Rotterdam are offered to join a variety of several projects in different parts of the city. We took this oppourtunity to serve one more time our beloved city of Rotterdam by joining a gardeing project.

Arriving early on Friday morning we were greeted friendly with “koffie of thee”, introduced to the campaign “serve the city” and after some socializing with the people the work started. The group was divided in several teams and sent out with gloves, gardening tools and motivation to the homes of elderly people who are not able anymore to take care of their garden themselves. As soon as we arrived my team started clearing a way in the middle of the garden, removing weeds and cleaning the stoney ground. It was hard work as we could tell by our aching backs, blistering hands and sore muscles but also really enjoyable work as we had nice talks with people, cheering sunshine and our goal, to do something for these eldery people, clear in our mind. Bit by bit the overgrown jungle turned into a nice and green place of peace and relaxing.

I think, in the end, we could be really pleased with our end result and eat happily our deserved Turkish pizza together. Thank you nice people, thank you “serve the city”, thank you Rotterdam and thank you sunshine! :]


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woooow! :O

…isn’t the new blog-design and this animation at the top really fancy?

THANK  YOU , Patrick German!

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Busy on Queen’s day

The Dutch people have a special day they celebrate every year. This day is called Queens Day. The Birthday of the Queen is celebrated and besides people selling all sorts of things around the Netherlands, there is also a lot of peace promotion that organizations go out to strengthen the bond of unity and togetherness.
As YSI Rotterdam two of my Team mates Simona and Kathy went to Delft to help at a project with UNOY the young peace builders. They were active having people sign some peace message on blackboards to tell what peace means to them. After that pictures with the people and their peace signs were made.
Both of them enjoyed the day in Delft, since it is also a very historic city. Exploring the Town and looking around what people were doing on Queens day.

I myself stayed in Rotterdam to help out at a nearby playground where I usually volunteer. On Queens day we had Kids selling their toys and books and what comes with it. Due to the rainy weather, not so many kids came along. This changed later on as we had the Race with the tread cars, skateboards, balls and some more things. Also the rain disappeared a little more and the sun was making its way through. We had 4 Teams with different colors competing in the activity. My Team got on place 3, which was good for them I feel because they were a bit of a bully Team^^. But everyone got some price finally.
Besides having these organized activities I took time to play and talk to the kids, which I feel is always important for them. Sometimes I feel that kids need some more attention, in terms that some adult, if not the parent, plays with them and in that way can also help them to mature and become responsible people when they grow up. But this can almost only be done in the family which to my opinion has the biggest impact on the children.
It was a nice Queens day, I myself didn’t get to see the big activities around the city, but I felt useful at the playground and for me it was worth it, to try to find ways how I can contribute to the well being of people and society.

(Benjamin Hookway)

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here we are again

… it’s already two weeks now that we are back from our trip to Ghana and the overwhelming impressions we got there are still clear in our memory.

Your were probably curiously waiting to read and see what we did, felt and experienced and I can promise you that there will be some reports soon.

But right now I can maybe satisfy your hunger for news with this nice video our French friend Benjamin Prévost made for us.

It serves us as brief summary of our year so far and as a memory as our team is experiencing big changes now in the last 3 months of ysi.

After Lisa leaving our Rotterdam Team in March for some visa-issues, Christian and Hyo-Chung also left the team to go on differently in their life.

Watching the video confirms my feeling that we had a great time together, not always easy and shiny but therefore even more precious and full of life-lessons for us. So I am looking back with mixed feelings:  sadness that our time together ended so much sooner than expected but also happiness and gratefullness for our shared memories now.

Thank you for everything!

So that was enough “bla bla”  –  enjoy the YSI Rotterdam-Team one more time :D:


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Preparations for our trip to Ghana

Hello everyone,

Step by step we are getting closer to our trip in April to Ghana. YSI plans to leave March 27th– April 11 2010.  We have been doing some constant fundraising lately to help support our trip to Ghana and the project. This year in Tamale, Ghana YSI plans to help build a “Discovery Center” in partnership with CPYWD (Community Partnership for Youth and Women Development). The Discovery Center will serve as a place for the kids to play in a fun and safe environment.  The center will also serve as a place for the adults to have meetings as well as educational lessons themselves.

We recently got our vaccinations for Ghana. Some of us got only one shot while others had to get three. Next to the shots we are all scheduled to start taking our Malaria pills. On a interesting note, one side effect of the pills is having nightmares. I hope our YSI team will have some restful nights. Maybe we just won’t sleep…..

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What’s on the Menu?

Eduard and Mr. Gibson ( left to right)

YSI recently had the privilege of helping to host a night at the Resto Van Harte in Rotterdam on the Dempostraat. YSI along with the Resto Van Harte’s volunteers would help to cook a three course meal and act as the waiters as well. We used every opportunity we had to make some money for our trip to Ghana that night which is coming up fast. We were able to set up our own YSI table near the entrance, have a donation box and were even allowed to sell our mooie fettplantja.

cooking team

We divided us up into two teams: the cooking team and the waiter’s team. Kathrina, Hyo-Chung and Christian gladly volunteered to be the cooks if it meant being close to the food. Benji, Ben, Simona and myself prepared the tables nicely with tablecloths, silverware and beautiful red lit candles. Although we were divided at first the night called for us to leave our positions and all become waiters.  Benjamin Prevost, a former five star waiter, found himself reminiscing in the times of his waiter days until that day came that would change his life forever…he joined YSI! Simona along with Maarten from Van Harte outlined a beautiful menu to serve that night. Starting with salad then pasta and finishing off with a delicious tiramisu slice.

YSI used this opportunity to bring together two contacts that we have made through the months so far. Issac Gibson from the Holy Fire Church and Eduard Sanrodji the Resto Van Harte manager were able to meet that night and supported us in their own ways. Eduard Sanrodji encouraged the people to take a look at our table and gave us a time slot to say a few words and even show a video of last year’s team in Ghana. Unfortunately we were unable to get the movie to start but that was just a minor setback of the night. Issac Gibson brought a large group of his Ghanaian community and they all prepared about six songs to sing that night. I remember hearing the whole room singing along with one of Gibson’s last songs. Many people were happy to buy a plant that night and if a small pot plant didn’t appeal to their eyes they gave a wonderful donation to our donation box which was bright with colors and full of pictures.

showing off our YSI table

It was very nice to work with my team in this project. We were all over the floor that night moving from the kitchen to the room back to the kitchen and finally to our own seats to enjoy the meal before we were up again.  Seems that one consist thing that has brought our team together are these wonderful cooking projects. It seems we will have many more cooking projects to come…I can’t wait.

Over and Out


YSI Rotterdam Team

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